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What are you in the mood for?

Family focused? Romantic or casual? Hamburgers? Surf & turf? Vegetarian?


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GiftAdoodle is a helpful tool and a good resource when searching for a great gift idea. GiftAdoodle is designed to be interactive, matching  descriptions and interests to help you find the perfect gift.

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Interested in local events and activities in your community? CalAdoodle is a community-based calendar designed to be convenient and user-friendly. Now you can include your event listing effortlessly.  Whether it is a one-day or multi-day event with multiple venues CalAdoodle  is designed using a unique platform in conjunction with other community calendars to ensure that your event won't be missed.

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SHIFT 10% ...

Start shifting a portion of your existing household expenses to local businesses. Once signed up, you can use our free tabulator to find shift opportunities and to record your progress.

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We hope that you will join us as we co-create a sustainable marketplace that offers us a place to explore, discover and connect with each other and our local community.